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Mexico Beach

I Wish I Was an Island

Comin' Home

Second Summer (Meeting of the Minds)





She's Not Lost

Traveling Music 

Nest of Pirates

Harbor Lights

Anna Maria

Sailor's Ride

Girl with the Clothes Tag Out 

Pirate Moon

Guitar Island

Gringo Lingo Street

Beach Life

Sail Boat

Pitchers and Catchers

My Guitar


Marco Polo

Pure Trop Rock

I Paint the World



Our Beach Town

Bike Ride Around the Island

Bluer Skies Down the Road

Well Wasted Time

The Legend of Sunny Jim


No Regrets

Light Up the Night

Sail On

I Make Music Where They Used to Make War

April in the "D"

Just Say When

Fly Fly Away

Hot Tub Junkie

Flying Solo Again

Born to Ride

Hemingway Girl

A Pirate Looks at 40


Small Town Love

Tailgater's Dream


Gypsy Wisdom

Beach Life

Live a Little, Get Wet a Lot

Everyone Matters (One Human Family)

The Cha Cha Band

Big Thunder

Salsa Dance

Wagon Wheel Gone Trop Rock

You Knew as Well as I

In Her Shoes

Advice from an Old Sailor

Breezy Palms

I Stole Jimmy Buffett's TV Guide

I Can't Spell Caribbean


Open Blue Water

Beach Bar Serenade

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

The Story of Howie and Kay

The Adventures of Flipper

Fire and Rain


In the Heat of the Day

Goodbye to Captain Tony

SOLD OUT - available by download only

I'm Still Here

Hand In Hand

I'll See You Out There

The Day in the Life of a Pearl Diver

The Luau Lounge

They Loved the Sea

The Cow Song

Let's Go

Six String Music

Joel's Song

Sing About Love

Who The Hell Is Burt?

Better Days Ahead Of Me

Welcome To The Planet

I Wish I Owned An Island (That Could Travel The Sea)

Just Say When

Five O'Clock Somewhere

Tattoo For You

Women Love Men With Flaws

What's Her Name?

Rum Chum Friends

Harbor Lights

Traveler's Journal

SOLD OUT - available by download only

Changing Lanes

Florida, A Perfect Day

Sail Away

Take Me Back

No Regrets

I Don't Want to Have the Blues with You

The Girl With The Clothes Tag Out

The Whole World Needs to Be Held Like a Baby

I Stole Jimmy Buffett's TV Guide

Frozen In Arizona

Changes Looking At Me

Marco Polo In a Car

SOLD OUT - available by download only

Traveling Music

Shake What Your Momma Gave You

Like A River She Rolls


Walking My Baby Back Home


Dress It Up And Put It To Music

Gringo Lingo Street

Sail On

Download Love

That's What Life Is For

Bring It On Hurricane Michelle


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