Don Middlebrook
Don Middlebrook

"I Paint a World"

"I Paint a World" -- music by Don Middlebrook; lyrics team, Don Middlebrook,Wyland, John Middlebrook....download proceeds go to the Wyland Foundation.



I Paint a World

I paint a world of the sea down under, blue skies beyond.
I paint a world of days in the sun.
And in my world the music plays on...

I paint a world where dolphins run free.
I tell the story of the manatee.
The blue whales sing their songs.
And in my world the music, sweet music plays on.....

Things are changing but
not for the better.
It's time we all come together.
Save our oceans , we need everyone...
So the music, sweet music, can play on...

Life in the sea is up to you and me, life in the sea, we are the key...together we can write a song..so the music, sweet music can play on.....

I paint a world, brings light to the dark.
The wonders of the ocean , inspire young hearts.
When we work together we are strong.
And together the music plays on......

Life in the sea is up to you and me
Life in the sea, we are the key...
Together we can write a song...so the music , sweet music, can play on....



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