Don Middlebrook
Don Middlebrook

Parrothead Clubs Party with a Purpose!

San Antonio Parrothead Club - San Antonio, TX

"The San Antonio PHC (SAPHC) held their 17th Anniversary Party on 5 March. During the party we were proud to to take a Group picture with the "I Can" Award courtesy of Don Middlebrook. 
Don was recognized for his community service at Meeting of the Minds in Key West winning the Trop Rock Music Association's "I Can" Award as well as the Songwriter of the Year and Album of the Year Awards. Don was more than humble stating, "The “I Can” award is a bit embarrassing, since there are so many that do so much in the Trop Rock, Parrot Head nation…..I suggest a recount!” "
Don wants to share this award with Parrot Heads and have us tell our story. So, in the last two years SAPHC has raised over $63,000 and volunteered over 4,200 hours to community service while having a ball. SAPHC is the proud winner of the PHIP 2009 Golden Coconut Award and the 2014 San Antonio United Way Group Community Service Award. At 300+ members strong we keep busy helping the community through our support of the SA Food Bank, Alzheimer Walk Teams, Adopt-a-Highway, San Antonio Municipal Ministries, and Soldier's Angels just to name a few. A big thanks to Don for letting us share in this award and to the Parrot Head nation for all they do."
Cooler Dave Speny - San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio Parrothead Club

Route 66 Parrothead Club - St. Louis, MO

"I was proud to win the Trop Rock Music Association's "I Can" award for charitable work, but there is no way I did it alone.
Here the Route 66 Parrot Head Club of St. Louis, MO takes a bow for their charitable work." ~ Don Middlebrook, singer/songwritter

From St. Louis the "I Can" award will be shipped to the San Antonio Parrot Head Club, TX - giving credence where credence is due.
Parrothead Clubs rock!

Route 66 Parrothead Club - St. Louis, MO

Blossomland Parrothead Club - Benton Harbor, MI

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