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Don Middlebrook and the Pearl Divers


This is a re-mastering of Middlebrook’s award-winning Talespin CD.  Twelve songs enhanced with the Bob Seger’s horn band, The Motor City Horns, and James “Sunny Jim” White’s steel drums.  There are an additional nine new songs, making this a twenty-one song CD with twenty-five contributing artists and musicians.  The album features original cover photo art by Wyland, www.wyland.com.  Thank you for your time and attention to this CD.  What follows is a breakdown of the songs.


  1. Our Beach Town:  written in Panama City, Florida.  This song honors those that guard paradises everywhere.  Featuring Nashville’s Drew Howard on pedal steel guitar and up-and-coming vocal sensation, Rachel Curtis.  Genre – Blues, Trop Rock, Country

  2. Bike Ride Around the Island:  written in Key West, Florida.  Featuring James “Sunny Jim” White on steel drums.  Genre – Trop Rock

  3. Bluer Skies Down the Road:  inspired by those wonderful Parrotheads that take care of the Coast that runs from Virginia Beach through the Carolinas. Featuring Pearl Diver Chris Corey on keyboards.              Genre - Country, Trop Rock

  4. Well Wasted Time:  written in Saugatuck, Michigan on a sunset cruise with nothing but romance on the mind.  Featuring Pearl Diver Chris Corey on keyboards.  Genre – Trop Rock, Pop

  5. The Legend of Sunny Jim:  written in Galveston, Texas where I discovered that “Sunny Jim’s” father is named “Shady Floyd.”  Featuring James “Sunny Jim” White, Florida’s steel drum sensation.                Genre – Trop Rock

  6. Talespin: written in Torch Lake, Michigan on a very rough boat ride. Featuring Bob Seger's horn band, The Motor City Horns.                  Genre - Trop Rock
  7. No Regrets: written in Saugatuck, MI.  Featuring up-and-coming vocalist, Rachel Curtis and Verve Pipe’s drummer Donny Brown.                   Genre - Country, Pop
  8. Light Up the Night:  written in Mount Dora, Florida.  Dedicated to all those that get their Tiki Mon on.  Featuring Pearl Diver vocalist Angela Fata.  Genre - Trop Rock

  9. Sail On:  written in Saugatuck, Michigan for all the Parrotheads and Trop Rockers we’ve lost.  Featuring Pearl Diver Hank Mowery on harmonica.  Genre –Trop Rock

  10. I Make Music Where They Used to Make War:  written in Put-in-Bay, Ohio and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Genre – Trop Rock, Country

  11. April in the “D”:  written for Detroit Tiger fans.  A top ten award winning song in the Fox Sports Detroit contest and the Detroit Tigers.  Featuring Pearl Diver Rush Clement on guitar.  Genre – Country, Rock

  12. Just Say When:  written in Saugatuck, Michigan.  Featuring vocalist Rachel Curtis.  Genre - Country

  13. Fly Fly Away:  written and inspired  in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.  A song that pays tribute to the Wright Brothers and their relationship.  Genre – Country, Pop

  14. Hot Tub Junkie:  written in East Lansing, Michigan.  Dedicated to those that like it hot.  Featuring Bob Seger’s horn band,  The Motor City Horns, and funky west-sider Denny Middleton.                                              Genre – Trop Rock, Reggae

  15. Flying Solo Again:  written in Key West, Florida and dedicated to DJ Jeff and Hugo Duarte.  Featuring Dave Matchette on harmonica.             Genre - Trop Rock

  16. Born to Ride:  written in Key West, Florida.  Dedicated to my New York friends who never forget the Trop Rock spirit of travel.  Featuring Paulie O., Joe Crocker’s side-man, on saxophone.  Genre – Trop Rock

  17. Hemingway Girl:  written in Petoskey, Michigan at the very bar stool that Hemingway used sat in to drink and contemplate.  Dedicated to my girl, Laurie.  Featuring Karin Elizabeth on violin and Sarah Brunner, vocalist.  Genre – Trop Rock

  18. A Pirate Looks at Forty:  A Jimmy Buffet classic, with the help of my friend, James “Sunny Jim” White.

  19. Nashville:  written in Nashville, Tennessee.  Couldn’t help to be inspired when we ran into a woman working the street musician sceen with a sign pinned to her coat that said, “Pirates kidnapped my granny.  I need to buy a boat.”  It’s a tipping town that “tips” a few.  Featuring vocalist Brenda Loomis.  Genre – Country
  20. Small Town Love:  written in Saugatuck, Michigan.  A love story where love is bigger than the town.  Featuring Hank Horton, who has performed with Styx, on bass.  Genre – Trop Rock, Pop
  21. Tailgater’s Dream:  written in East Lansing, Michigan.  Inspired by those Spartan tailgaters that actually leave their wives to fend for their own ride because the truck is so loaded with coolers and grills.  Featuring the Potbelly Singers.  Genre - Football Country  GO STATE!!


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