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Don Middlebrook is a Florida Trop Rock, Americana, Country, Rock 'n Roll singer/songwriter from the frozen North. East Lansing, Michigan is ground zero. He travels a circuit from Michigan to Key West - Seattle to the East coast. Original Florida swamp rock, with authentic country sensibilities, give Don a heart of pure Trop Rock. 

Don Middlebrook revels in the back roads, small towns and the seedy underbelly of the Florida Keys -- although he is equally at home in the country clubs of southern California, baseball stadiums of the Mid-west, and Yacht Clubs of the east coast.  Don is a sought-after entertainer.  From corporate America to private house parties, he writes songs that celebrate the people, places and uniqueness of this great country.

Don Middlebrook and The Pearl Divers is fronted by Don Middlebrook who has been a professional recording and performing artist since 1993. Don is the real deal! His voice has an authentic sound that expresses the soulfulness he injects into his songwriting. The Trop Rock Music Association justly awarded him "Songwriter of the Year" in 2015.  His albums, The Key West Connection and Songs from Talespin Bay, were given the honor of "Album of the Year" and runner up for the same award.   He is backed by an equally experienced band of road warriors. All of whom have been plying their trade in the trenches and the pinnacles of the profession.

Don Middlebrook writes songs about life. The people, the places, the weather, and the tabloid stereotypes provide rich fodder to draw from when he writes. His uncanney abliity to write that "extra verse" or even a full lenth song for folks in the audience -- at the spur of the moment --  separate him from any artist you have ever experienced!  Don delivers the songs in a compelling and deliberate manner that is authentic and intimate all at once.



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"What's Going On, Live Music - America" has had the privilege, honor and pleasure of previewing Don Middlebrook's new CD - Guitar Island.


Don has gone over the top with this compilation of 18 tracks. Once again - without a doubt you can hear that Middlebrook sound before the first word of the first verse begins. If you are a Middlebrook fan, then you know what we mean - Don has a "sound" to his music and lyrics - there is no doubt as to whose song is playing when a Middlebrook collaboration hits the air waves.


There is no artist out there so dedicated to creating and pursuing that "Pure Trop Rock" sound as Don is. Pure Trop Rock, by the way, is one of the cuts on Guitar Island and features Don of course, along with Hank Mowery. Pure Trop Rock is addicting - you'll want to hit the repeat on this one over and over again - listen close to all the trop rock references including trop rock artists. We would recommend the cd just for this one song . . . . . but wait . . . . . there are 17 more!!!! You'll enjoy everyone of them!


Wait until you hear "Nest Of Pirates" the guitar work on this song is incredible! As always, each song has a story behind it, so make sure to get out to one of Don's cd release parties to hear all the details and happenings that went into creating each song.


Other featured artists on this cd include Doyle Grisham, Dave Carvalho, Chris Corey, Alistair Beerens, the Growlers, John Patti, Sarah Brunner, Rush Clement, Ricky Nalett, and Nikki Fowler.


Amazing but not surprising, over 300 pre-orders came in for Guitar Island. Get your copy at www.donmiddlebrook.net


Don is heading out now on his Guitar Island release tour - you can find out where he's playing by going to his website or Facebook page.  Or check with us here at What's Going On. America - Don Middlebrook will soon be in a city near you - the man never stops and can be found here and there from coast to coast. Keep your eye on him, we see some even bigger stuff coming up in his future! Until then make sure to order your copy of Guitar Island and catch Don at one or more of his shows. 

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